Immersive Interactive System Scheme

Multi-dimensional integration:
It can be continuously transformed between different spaces and geographical locations; it can generate rain and snowflakes through external devices, combined with climate changes, to achieve the effect of multi-dimensional integration.

Wall & ground linkage solution

Linkage interaction is a combination of interactive LED floor tile screen and LED display screen. In its effect display, the special effects exhibition has reached the high-tech level. In particular, the linkage display of wall and ground images not only tests the splicing effect of display screen and ground screen, but also tests the splicing technology of video images. Only when the two are combined can the images be more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. The ground interactive LED display screen and the wall interactive LED display screen adopt advanced induction interactive solutions. The wall LED and the ground LED screen are connected by special software and LAN, and the wall display is controlled by the ground LED screen.

Stair Screen Scheme

Professional floor tile screen design, Xinyiguang LED intelligent interactive floor tile screen each component, according to different mechanical design, the limit load per square meter can be as high as 3 tons, super load-bearing. The bottom shell, mask, power line and signal line of the floor tile screen module are all specially designed and equipped with waterproof and moisture-proof materials, which are moisture-proof and anti-skid, super wear-resistant, and can be built-in induction chips to achieve interactive effects.

LED display immersive visual interaction experience

Immersive VR visual presentation is to experience images that cannot be achieved under realistic conditions, such as tomb exploration, space travel, deep sea diving, etc. In such applications, the experience of interactivity is less designed, and the experience process is relatively simple, mainly based on watching.

LED intelligent interactive floor tile screen

LED intelligent interactive floor tile screen is highly integrated by several sensor devices to realize intelligent interaction through interactive software, computer software combined with LED control technology and intelligent collection and information exchange of interactive materials. Sensing technology is a combined relationship from point to unit to surface to film. The whole interactive control system adopts hierarchical management and implements control and interaction through step-by-step information transmission.
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