6.25 Interactive LED Floor Tile Screen Appears in Jilin

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6.25 Interactive LED Floor Tile Screen Appears in Jilin

When spring opens, flowers bloom in 2017 Changchun 20th advertisement andLEDLighting Expo held in Changchun International Convention and Exhibition Center. Shenzhen Xinyiguang Technology Co., Ltd. and Jilin Jianhao Logo Group Changchunxin Coordinate Advertising Co., Ltd. jointly created this exhibition with an exhibition area of up600㎡, which containsLEDAdvertising identification,LEDLuminous characters,LEDDisplay screen and other products,LEDFloor tile screen, interactionLEDFloor tile screen, and Shenzhen Xin billion light technology co., ltd. this show is the company's unique product interactionP6.25LEDFloor tile screen.

Especially in P6.25 interactionLEDNext to the floor tile screen, a small gift has been carefully prepared for you in a small red bag. Just take your mobile phone, open and scan our company's two-dimensional code to take away the gift in the bag. The scene played an interactive barrier defense defense game with the host, and the winner could even take a copy of the exquisite wok. During the exhibition indoor full color screen, single and double color products,LEDDisplay,LEDFloor tile screen,LEDAdvertising logo products are more favorable.

    Changchun fromSince 1998, it has successfully held 19 advertisements andLEDLighting Expo, with its large scale, high grade and strong professionalism, has become one of the exhibition events in China's advertising industry. Changchun has also become one of the largest outdoor advertising processing and production bases in China.

At the beginning of spring, Xin Yiguang interactive floor tile screen appeared in Changchun advertising logo exhibition

Following the Guangzhou isle Advertising Logo Exhibition, Shenzhen Xinyiguang Interactive Floor Tile Screen Appears in Changchun Advertising Logo Exhibition

Interactive P6.25LED floor tile screen to become the biggest highlight.

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