Shenzhen Xinyiguang invites you to challenge the glass plank screen together

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Shenzhen Xinyiguang invites you to challenge the glass plank screen together

I believe that some time ago, everyone was blown up by the circle of friends with the video of broken glass in the air! That's right ~ this is a special effect video made by the hanging glass plank screen. the combination of the video effect and the scene is quite realistic and makes people feel like they are on the scene. suddenly, there is a glass breaking effect. do you have a feeling of being scared to urinate. This creative effect has brought a new exciting tourism experience to the major scenic spots, experienced the scenery of nature and accepted the limits of nature.

Shenzhen Xinyi Optical Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2012, is a professional manufacturer.LEDFloor tile screen and interactiveLEDFloor tile screen enterprise, interactiveLEDThe application of floor tile screen in various scenic spots, commercial squares, planning projects and other applications. The glass plank screen adopts Xin Yiguang interactionLEDThe floor tile screen is the main body, and the display equipment is about 50 kilograms per square meter, but it can bear 2 tons of weight per square meter, and the bearing report has been tested and certified by an authoritative third party. During the trip, we can not only have a fresh feeling experience, but also ensure our safety..


In order to let more people know the effect of the broken screen on the glass plank road, Shenzhen Xinyiguang Technology Co., Ltd. simulated the on-site effect in the exhibition hall so that everyone can better experience the magic power brought by nature. The interactive realization technology uses the fourth generation of interactive somatosensory technology to make the sound and special effects more realistic, and the glass will be broken wherever people go.

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