Xinyiguang LED Intelligent Interactive Floor Tile Screen-Helping Zhuhai Innovators to Build International Cultural Tourism Commercial Complex

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Xinyiguang LED Intelligent Interactive Floor Tile Screen-Helping Zhuhai Innovators to Build International Cultural Tourism Commercial Complex

International Cultural and Tourism Commercial Complex in Dawan District-Zhuhai Innovation Party



"Zhuhai Innovation Party" is located in Hengqin Economic Development Zone at the junction of Zhuhai Delta and South China Sea. It is surrounded by green reefs and beautiful scenery. Backed by the Pearl River Delta and connected to Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao

The unique geographical advantages will build the innovator into an international cultural tourism commercial complex in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and also make it an important cultural and tourism industry project for the coordinated development of the radiation area.



Zhuhai Innovation Square is a very creative landmark comprehensive building. Its architectural design concept is an open palm, which means that the past, present and future are under our control. By

A large number of open spaces and green corridors seamlessly connect multiple formats, setting up open-air dining, outdoor activities and other places as a transition, using a large number of digitalDisplay terminalBreaking the indoor and outdoor space

Boundary, which integrates commercial retail, leisure, office, sports and cultural facilities, strives to provide tourists with a one-stop immersive cultural tourism experience and create a world-class tourism and leisure center.



Among them, about 60 square meters of "Liuxi Jiankou" interactive experience net red scene created by Xinyiguang LED intelligent interactive floor tile screen solution has created a set of light and shadow interaction and leisure for tourists.

The immersive experience space integrating entertainment and parent-child company is not only a place for young people to play, but also a good place to take their children to play.



Deep integration of business formats to stimulate consumption momentum

Create a cultural tourism city landmark attractions


Xinyiguang LED intelligent interactive floor tile screen, as a star product that has shone brilliantly in the cultural and tourism industry in recent years, has been continuously integrated with cultural and tourism industry projects to help create a unique cultural IP.

and landmark attractions. The use of XR display system independently developed by Xin Yiguang and interactive patented technology can create a creative scene that combines virtual and real, bringing unprecedented multi-sensory immersion to tourists.

The immersion experience truly realizes the perfect combination of technology and art.



Xinyiguang LED intelligent interactive floor tile screen integrates the theme of the project's scenic spots for creative matching, creating an immersive experience scene space, greatly enhancing the interest and interaction of the cultural travel project. To Wen Lu

The project brings explosive attention and passenger flow, enhances the overall image of the cultural tourism project in the hearts of tourists, brings a new experience for the project's new format, and stimulates new consumption and new momentum.



Enabling cultural travel business innovation and upgrading

Boosting the Development of Urban Cultural Tourism



In addition, the project side can also apply Xinyiguang multiple sets of LED floor tile screen solutions, which can add more creative ideas to various scene spaces. Through Xinyiguang LED floor tile screen and intelligent interaction

Technology, wall-to-ground linkage technology, XR technology, etc. to create a cool, sci-fi, immersive experience space, to create creative interactive cultural and travel business projects.



Xinyiguang LED intelligent interactive floor tile screen solution can not only enhance the interactive experience of tourists, viewing experience, the use of creative design customized solutions, enabling the construction of new formats of cultural tourism,

Detonate the main industry, establish the core attraction of cultural tourism projects, build core competitiveness, and bring unlimited commercial value and customer experience advantages to the project.



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