Xin Yiguang LED Intelligent Interactive Floor Tile Screen-Helping to Create "Only Dream of Red Mansions, Drama Fantasy City" in Langfang, Hebei Province"

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Xin Yiguang LED Intelligent Interactive Floor Tile Screen-Helping to Create "Only Dream of Red Mansions, Drama Fantasy City" in Langfang, Hebei Province"

Curtain, sedan chair, gold and jade, dazed dream

In this golden gateYuhuIn the immortal house

In the brilliant lights

A glimpse of the delicacy of the Grand View Garden

Lively occasion

But sigh the colorful world under the inch of heart

A dream of the Red Mansion, hit the floor


The memory of "A Dream of Red Mansions" not only has the most Chinese stories, but also has the beauty of Chinese architecture, literature, implication and intention. Small to three meals a day, clothing,

Festival sacrifice, great people everywhere, clan survival, life and death reincarnation, Chinese people face life, survival, life way and philosophy are hidden in it, read "a dream of Red Mansions", is

Read ourselves.



Only a dream of red mansions · drama fantasy city, which took 8 years to build, has 4 large indoor theaters, 8 small indoor theaters, 108 scene spaces and outdoor theaters, directorWang ChaogeCreatively will.

All the people, things, things and philosophical relationships in A Dream of Red Mansions are integrated and packed into a city. Tell everyone's heart "dream of red mansions", and this classic more

The vast "red chamber world".



Among them, the "Reader's Theater" is the C- position of the drama fantasy city, with a total of 7 drama spaces. The 300-square-meter rotating stage space created by Xinyiguang LED intelligent interactive floor tile screen is amazing with four,

At the same time, the inner area is equipped with a 360-degree rectangle.Lifting equipmentFrom the ground plane to the multi-dimensional three-dimensional structure, the screen is perfectly combined with any spatial angle, combined with XR display technology and holographic projection technology,

To the audience to bring a super shocking immersive experience, resulting in a very powerful visual effect. "Reader's Theater" The whole dance space design is ingenious, Xinyiguang LED intelligent interactive floor tile screen.

The application of the application plays a vital role, integrated, pioneering and innovative use of the stage effect is more shocking, so that the audience is amazed.


Creating an immersive stage space

Meet the ultimate application of dance products



With the development and innovation of intelligent interactive LED floor tile screen technology, the application of LED floor tile screen to stage design and scenery has brought more creative imagination and belt of stage space to stage designers.

To unlimited creative inspiration. Nowadays, the mainstream stage performance dance design has different degrees of application of Xinyiguang LED intelligent interactive floor tile screen solutions, dance design will combine different

Scene demand, into the corresponding art and culture, fashion and other elements, the perfect combination of people and sound, light, shadow, space, presenting a perfect and gorgeous performance of human screen interaction. Xin Yiguang LED Intelligent

As an important element of visual effect, the immersive stage built by interactive floor tile screen makes the dance space more amazing.



Leading the new fashion of a better life, meeting the needs of consumer groups in pursuit of fashion, taste, art and personalized expression, combined with Xinyiguang LED intelligent interactive floor tile screen to create a new scene device,

Immersive spatial display of the art stage, creating a visual space that combines virtual and real, allowing the audience to have a sense of interlacing time and space, breaking the traditional stage performance mode, and creating a dreamlike immersion.

Drama experience and fantasy space, presenting a very rich stage visual effects.



When performing on the stage, it creates immersive scenes with different themes for the audience. The application of Xinyiguang LED intelligent interactive floor tile screen enables the audience to obtain sensory experience while generating linkage with the works,

And then resonate, shocking visual effects coupled with the exquisite performance of the performers, the structure of the stage performance, the sense of story, and the role of the role can be significantly increased, so that the audience is immersed.

In the drama story, a wonderful stage performance was born.



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